jeudi, octobre 07, 2010

Here I am

Whoaaaa it has been like a gazillion years since the last time I blogged. Blame the busy schedule the topsy turvy life the oh-i-am-so-busy internship program and yeah all the long ranty reasons. I am so far surviving just fine. Moving through from opthalmology (from the last update) to surgery, to public health, to community medicine, to psychiatry and now dutifully at ENT or more GLAMOURously known as otolaryngology *can i puhleeaaze bedazzle the glamour part????* and oh yeah, I've shifted to a new place or room to be more precise. So far I'm enjoying it.. with the wifi and the rooomy feeling and my new dutch next door neighbour.. fun i tell u.. *well with other hidden reasons too*

And this was how massive my things got during the shift, oh well u can't blame a girl for having all the cute little things cant u.

I guess with the new wifi being all set up, i could write more often.. Hopefully. I'm off for now. So have to hog my book. love.

2 commentaires:

dianprakoso a dit…

Lho kamu pindah kontrakan ya Nad? Di daerah mana sekarang kamu tinggal?? You've even got a dutch neighbour he he?

naddy a dit…

om! i'm now in a kosan. kontrakan udah habis and the landlord wants to sell of his house anyway. I'm now near dharma homestay.. and yes i have a dutch friend! :)