dimanche, octobre 24, 2010

Finding a way to charm daddy

I bigtime bigggg biiiigggg time heart this new gadget from apple.. whoooaa! have u seen?

yes it's that thin.. super thin only 11 inches! All this while I've been hesitating a mac coz it comes in huge heavy combo but with to die for specs and of course a to die for price but hey this new 11 inches is not so bad for a price.

At first I thought of considering this :

After sweet daddy-kins generously offered but come to think about it, maybe he should get an ipad, not me.. I'm very much contented with my mini 787

note: my mini is the generation before this new one. *steve jobbs ILU*

Guess what? I got mine in march and at that time it just launched for a week, and now barely a year, there's the 4th gen. Same case happened to my sister, she got the monochrome ipod nano when it's just few days on the store dock and now there's the one with touch screen! whoooaaa... Technology u make man run with greed.

Hopefully my charm works :)

Anyway, of all the gadgets that I've excitedly post above.. this one little faithful gadget is my all time bestfriend. My knight of shining armor, my hero, my lifesaver, my soulmate, my lover.. my......

oh baby what would I be without you

Off to feed myself. No.. no Dome today. No no no.. been having too much Dome in a very short stretch of time and I've been exercising my

Thank god here in Surabaya it's difficult to get stores with an Amex machine but do you know which stores have it???
1. Zara *laughs out so loud*
2. Dome
3. Ace hardware
4. Ranch market
5. Banana republic
6. Aigner
7. Hugo boss
8. LV
9. American Grill
10. Sushi Tei *another evil laugh*
11. Most 5 star hotels *good back up for depressing days*
12. Siloam hospital *I'm always sick but I never swipe here.. geez*

See.. so little right??? That makes me all the good girl being faraway from home.

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