vendredi, octobre 22, 2010

Thai massage

After such a week, and I'm not complaining like a grandmother, I seriously decided that I would treat myself to a massage. At least to ease of the "krik krak" here there and everywhere, and no again I'm not complaining like a grandmother but my body do feel like I've been stepped by an elephant.

A few friends recommended this mini massage parlor in Tunjungan Plaza which has this I could say good and reachable price range. Don't believe? try this... a full body massage is Rp 65,000. Well with aromatherapy it adds up Rp 10,000 which is really funny because a full course or aromatherapy therapy takes ages to finish and 10k extra is not relevant. However, the 65k for pampering your whole body with such happiness is okay. So... what is this parlor called??

U-cool <---- the name is so UNglamorOUS

I wanted to try the full body massage but however the guy who took my massage booking got it wrongly that instead I was served and massaged with the Thai reflexology. Hey, no regrets! Really it's good. The process of the whole massage was full of ouch arghhh ooooo hehehhe aaaa.. but it's really worth it.

I really have to give my goodbyes now. I could barely open my eyes. But here it is, my best position from the Thai massage just now.
*picture googled*

Goodnight Life. rock it.

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