dimanche, octobre 10, 2010


"bonjour.. je m'appelle Nadiah, je suis etudiant, je suis malaysian, je suis errrr cute?"

Nah there u go! my first few lines after 4 hours of french yesterday at CCCL. It was zeeee best i tell u. But ok that wasn't it that i learnt but that was the whole idea of it *convinced?*

Anyway, mademoiselle Nadiah is writting in such a thunder coz she is busy getting ready for duty at the ER. Enjoy the pics :)

*yes the gave me a school bag.. how cute ey*

*this is a small and humble tribute for this i call kucing paresis... i pity the front legs..tsskk..*

rushing outttt *clomp clomp*

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