jeudi, octobre 14, 2010

How do i look ey?

I found this somewhere in my laptop while putting together the report for our mini research in Murnajati 2 months back. Well this one here, is of Sumobito. Nothing fancy, I was just pulling out the stitches *hek*. I miss suturing though!

Yesterday after rotations, i had this "rush" for roomy needs.. guess what i got??

Mine looks better than this.. i swear it's waaaay chic than this *picture googled*. It fits 96 cds anyway, so all my grey's anatomy are now resting comfortably in it.

Ahh and this one is sexy. I don't know how but i see this as sexy. Come on, it's thick, heavy and it's to die for because somehow it gives you the feeling that "yeah i cook good". LOL i'm not advertising for anyone but I do adore my new frying pan a lot *picture googled*.

It's a 6.30 today.. huff.. why? some lady 3-days-no-wash-pants is causing this chaos. Gossips later.

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