mercredi, octobre 13, 2010

Somewhat crucial to my state

I miss the airplane
I miss the airport
I miss being picked up by mama and papa and nutty tart
I miss the gossips in the car on the way home
I miss the late night old town supper
I miss my bed and rooomy room
I miss the stories in the dark with nutty tart
I miss waking up to *sweetheart subuh* --- mama and papa *crying outloud*
I miss the 2nd part of waking up "ok byeeee... in 30 minutes when we're back from the market, u have to be down for breakfast" usually nutty tart has the longest pillow face!
I miss the "kak looonnggg you're using too much mirror"
ooo I forgot.. I miss dancing behind the toilet door connecting to my grandparents' room coz tokwan is gonna scream so hard "thinking" that it's a ghost *he's goood at acting* he knows it's me.. he plays along veeerryy well *note: tokwan's a stroke patient*
I miss the hysteric laughters of kak su early in the morning greeting me
I miss maktok's hello kisses and the small chitty chatty gossips
I miss running down to the lobby with nutty tart
hmmmmmm.... let's do I MISS part 2 after this shall we? I gotta run for my 7.30

*slowly picking up myself..lazy ass!*

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