jeudi, octobre 21, 2010

One week so exhausting

Bonjour! je suis errr happy? that je suis errr err alive?? sorry only 8 hours of french is not enough for words to express feelings. I so far know how to introduce myself, to understand a simple conversation of introduction.. oh well the veerrryyy basic ones. I could so surely assure u that my vocabulary is waayyy tres petite peu (very little).. but ooo one thing amazes me is that this french people are very detailed. If u see someone eating bread or maybe biscuits = light food, u call it mange petite (eating small). Detailed huh? because if I see anyone eating anything, it's just

"heyy foodd.. waahh you're eating... niiiccee" <---- macam phua chu kang kan?? hehe

Anyway, this week as in my monday till thursday, has been successfully exhausting, heart banging, tear gorging, bitching, problem sleeping and oh-so-many more negativity. I tried so hard to be very positive but hey, everybody has limits. It all started with:

Monday: came early in the m0rning with such happy cheerping mood because I was trying to be positive despite the exam jitters, when suddenly.. tadaaaaaa "Nadiah ujian sekarang". Okay if it's my turn, I'm all cool, but the thing is she the tutor switched my exam partners.. why?? "biar lebih selamat".. Yes so I am the lamb killed for the day. There were those nosy u-know-who (the mbak to nou's emotion mediator..hehe) and yeah the tutor should have just 'sacrificed' miss nosy to go for exams instead. WHY MOI??

Tuesday-wednesday: some lost girl came barging into my peaceful life accusing indirectly of taking C away from her, and apparently she thinks that C walked away from her recently because he wanted to try me out instead. I am not the slightest tone intimidated by her tweets and status and her tail-telling her friends about how bad C is because if she were to know C a little bit more better, she would walk around with her panties covering her face for the rest of her life. I am nothing but just being very civilised, and I personally think that her rampages are very rude. She should respect others despite being frustrated and stop the dramas PUHLEEAASEEE... PFFTT. C is a very detailed work of art, hahah yes I am protecting my art piece.

Thursday: And so today we found out that the list of OSCE exam divisions were changed and somehow they classify it according to your nationality. Yes, you are reading this right, N-A-T-I-O-N-A-L-I-T-Y. How crude is that???? My friends and I, are at our utmost best of trying to be very neutral at every rotation we go through and it has worked fantastic, although there were hiccups here and there but never this obvious and critical. Somehow today our tutor came in at 12pm just refuse to converse too much with us and nicely landed herself next to miss nosy pants and started tutoring through the past years MCQ questions. Hey what is this??!!! Just because my dad or my friends' dads are not benefactors to the hospital, it doesn't mean we should be treated differently. Looking at my tutor, I every minute never stop praying that one day if I'm tutoring as a resident just like her, I willl NEVER EVER EVER
1. be racist
2. practise favouritism
3. emotional and unstable
4. toss my students like a volleyball

*and I will always pray to be faraway from this, amin*

Things g0t all so badly suppressed but thank god there's skype. ILU skype!!! Well part of the burden to the bad suppression is missing C so much, but I shall survive through this. I'm not soapy I'm not not soapy *self reminder*

Did I mention somewhere up there that I have problem sleeping? Yes, so you see I didn't have much sleep on sunday because I was being all nadiah-so-exam-nervous syndrome which ended up sleeping for only 3 hours. I promised myself that I would sleep the day through, but however since exam came banging on my face so early in the morning, I had to be on duty that evening till the next morning. Not complaining about being on duty, but a little wee bit complaining about the number of patients and the hour that they came in.. OH HELLOOOOO if you think you have a tumor or a growth in your nose, please PLEASE do not and never hesitate to visit the nearest doctor a.s.a.p and to PLEASE not wait until the tumor is pushing its way through your nose giving this frog-face appearance and coming to the emergency room at 12am. You could have waited for OPD the next day. You won't choke on the tumor due to waiting for the OPD to open. When asked why choosing ER at 12am? it was a simple "oh mau survei dulu rumah sakitnya gimana" aduuu ape kejadah nye lah niii.. Here is a friendly reminder to all... the ER unit is open 24hours for everyone to come in for 1 purpose, which is if u have an emergency and it is life threatening, never hesitate to come.. but if you have an itchy back or maybe a simple flu or maybe itchy throat? (without any difficulty in breathing) please if waiting is possible, please visit the outpatient department during the day time. Plus in the OPD, instruments are way more complete therefore guarantees a better treatment. The ER on the other hand, has limited instruments and are usually equipped to accommodate emergency cases.

Comprende? merci.

Oh wait, I forgot about the sleeping problem? well, to make it short in 48hours, i only managed to sleep a sum of 2-3hours and after that till today, i still have problem sleeping. Not sure is it the weather or the stress or my sleeping cycle is just weird or or or.. I don't know. I told mom and dad about it, and as always super worried, and I was given a solution.. which is????
"Nadiah, we think you should enroll yourself to a gym and maybe exercise can help you to sleep better". Cool kan mak bapak saya? memang sangat cool. I myself didn't think of that or maybe was more in the midst of denial of having to exercise. geez.

*the font has now gone crazy* maybe this is my cue to say goodbye for this post. Till my next yapp. Toodles!

*googled from deviantart. Became one of my favourites few hours ago*

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