mercredi, octobre 13, 2010

never been good with goodbyes

Being normal, we live with whatever happiness littered to you at that particular time. Living so much with it that this happiness or can i say it more precise ---> infatuation, just grows so deep inside that it somehow becomes a routine or a habit... or perhaps part of a lifestyle? Oh well, I know for sure I'm a bad one at getting myself away from this.

still wondering huh.. what's this all about??


I'll let you wonder :P *nadiah you're so boring.. u write halfway and now you're not telling*
Ok-ok.. I got "addicted" to a very quiet and veery shy figure. Let's call em C. Nobody would actually believe this but hahaha *huge belly laugh* to my surprise, C is full of 1001 cuteness and sweetness and all the positive lovey dovey ness-es that I could think off.

So now that you know my little story...

just close your eyes will ya *wink*

Sooooo this C addiction of mine is going home after much questioning from paternal and maternal benefactors but ohhhhhh I'm gonna miss C like 123456789....... ........ .......................... *calculator please*.

I'll miss the random walking around town, the meal-hunt *oh we do eat alot*, the please-don't-cry worried eyes, the pamperings, the movie critics, the awkward minutes, the little stories here and there, the pulling-your-leg-is-my-new-hobby, the hand swinging practise, the laughter, the attention (oh yeah), and well you.. most of it all. *alaa what happened to not being soapy!*

btw, good morning everyone :)
*doctor mode on*

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~BluEBerRy~ a dit…

i think i know
who is C that u mean